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Gab Gab Learn Cantonese| 學廣東話| 廣東話好難學-廣東話 (粵語)-好嘅四個用法

Gab Gab Learn Cantonese| 學廣東話| 廣東話好難學-廣東話 (粵語)-好嘅四個用法


廣東話 “好” 難學!!! Cantonese “Good” Hard to learn

很多人都說廣東話很難學,尤其是書面語和口語的不同。如果你對廣東話很有興趣,你就會有動力去學,那一切都變得很容易。我們今天就有個 “好” 開始囉!

Many people mentioned that Cantonese was super difficult to learn, especially we have written and spoken formats. If you are interested in learning Cantonese, you will be motivated to learn. So, everything will become very easy. Today, we have a good beginning.


We share four usages of Cantonese “Good”

  1. 說話者希望聆聽者在短時間內做出某些要求。

Speakers want listeners to make certain requests in a short time

喂! 你好起身囉喎。(起床!)

Get up!


Usually urge others not to bed.

  1. “否則”的意思

means “otherwise”

喂! 你好起身囉喎。唔係就遲到㗎喇。(起床!否則就遲到了。)

Get up! Otherwise, you will be late.

  1. 將來式:說話者希望聆聽者在一段短時間內做出某些相關的行為。

Future tense: Speakers want listeners to make related behaviour in a certain time.


After having breakfast, you should go to work.

  1. 責怪和不滿的意味

To blame or dissatisfy with something


We should take a shower after going home, it’s full of sweat!

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