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Traditional Chinese Writing Pads | GabGabCantonese

Traditional Chinese Writing Pads (Gab Gab Cantonese) provide you tons of writing resources, which is easy and user-friendly. Download the PDF you need and print it out. Here, you can download your preferable writing pads. Keep practice and keep writing. It can facilitate your learning. We provide: 1. 92 Local HK Cantonese Special Common Words […]

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Cantonese Flashcards for All Cantonese lovers

Cantonese Flashcards for All Cantonese lovers Cantonese is a super special language, which we have some local expressions that cannot be translated into any other languages. From the pictures, you will have deeper understanding in Cantonese proverbs, slang and other local Cantonese vocabularies. Further, we have a series of slang consisting animals, which represent our […]

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