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[GabGabCantonese] HK Money – Flowery crab, greenish crab, Golden thread fin bream and golden cow |$10| $100| $500 | $1000|

花蟹、青蟹、紅衫魚、金牛係咩? 食得㗎?

Flowery crab, greenish crab, Golden threadfin bream (red shirt fish) and golden cow? Eatable ?!

(青蟹: 就是這張青青的10塊錢了。現在在市面上很難找到的。從2002年開始,我們改用 “花蟹”,就是這張紫色的10塊。之後2007年開始,我們的“紙花蟹”就變成 “膠花蟹”。)

Greenish Grab: this greenish paper is 10 dollars note. It is difficult to find this dollar-note now. Since 2002, we have changed to use “flowery crab”, which is this purple 10 dollars note. Then, we have changed from “paper flowery crab” to “plastic flowery crab “since 2007, which is the one on my hand.

(紅衫魚: 香港的100塊是以紅色為主,就是我們俗稱的紅衫魚。)

Golden threadfin bream (Red shirt fish): Hong Kong’s 100 dollars note is mainly made with red colour. This is our golden threadfin bream.

(大牛: 二十世紀初,匯豐銀行發行500塊的大紙。叫 “大紙”,除了面額大之外,尺寸都比其他紙幣大。裡面的主角係一頭大水牛,所以我們俗稱500塊港紙為大牛。)

Big cow: Since early 20s, HSBC issued 500 dollars note. We call it “big paper”, expect the large amount of money, its size is also larger than other dollars note. On the dollars note, big buffalo was the main character. So we named it as “big cow”.

(金牛: 金牛是1000塊紙幣,是香港現在最大的貨幣面額。但近年有很多假的1000塊紙幣,所以很多店鋪都不接受金牛了。)

Golden cow: Golden cow is 1000 dollars note, which is the largest amount of dollars note in Hong Kong. Recently, a lot of fake 1000-dollar-note have been released to market. So, many local shops refuse to accept 1000-dollar-note.

(除了紙幣,我們還有硬幣。小硬幣分別有黃銅色的1毛、2毛和5毛。通常店鋪不會接受太多小硬幣,大概1、2塊以內。大硬幣就有1塊、2塊、5塊和10 塊。其中有些是有英女皇的頭像。1塊是薄薄的,5塊就比較厚實,然後10塊就比較小,中間是金色,外面是銀色。)

Except paper dollar note, we also have coins, in blonde. The small coins include 10-cent, 20-cent and 50-cent. Normally, the shops do not accept too many small coins, 1 ~ 2 dollars are maximum. Big coins include 1-dollar, 2-dollar, 5-dollar and 10-dollar coins. Some coins contain the logo of Elizabeth II. 1-dollar-coin is thin, 5-dollar-coin is thicker, and 10-dollar-coin is the smallest, which is golden colour inside and silver colour outside.



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